Sunday, January 15, 2006

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Opinions count and we all have one. So if you would like to share your thoughts by tb'ing I'll get it on this post to share with everyone.

In the meantime, a few thoughts of my own...

On the Iran situation - the world may be divided on many issues, but the maniacal rantings of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has had a surprising affect on how the world feels about his ambitions as seen in this quote,
``One thing about the new president (of Iran) is that he has managed to maximize the degree of unity in the international unity,'' U.K. Defense Secretary John Reid said in an interview with Britain's ITV television today. (source)
Obviously, this fool for a leader has never picked up a history book. I wonder if he thinks the Six Day War was a hoax too, like he says the Holocaust was?

On the Palestinian voting in Jerusalem - Concessions here, with a price. Jerusalem based Palestinians will be able to vote in the upcoming elections, but they will not be allowed to vote for anyone running under the Hamas or Islamic Jihad parties. Nothing has been said in the news about write-in votes being allowed, so maybe the six east Jerusalem Hamas activists who were detained by Jerusalem police while trying to campaign for Hamas candidates had that in mind. Censoring a vote after allowing it to occur will not sit well with the Palestinian's. Israel's Council is in a no-win position on this one. Palestine extremists will use this as yet another reason to pick up guns and drive even a bigger wedge in the peace-keeping process.
Meanwhile, Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar announced that his movement would not abandon the armed struggle against Israel or negotiate with any Israeli after, when and if, it wins the elections. He disclosed that a Hamas-controlled cabinet would incorporate Palestinian Authority policemen into armed groups that are fighting against Israel.(source)
Palestine has been warned that US aid will stop should Hamas win key government seats. Zahar will starve his people, to fight a battle for land that wouldn't feed his people anyhow. Now that is really sound leadership, isn't it?

I have no doubt in my mind that Israel will launch another "Six Day War" simultaneously on Palestine and Iran in the near future, with possibly Syria thrown in for good measure. I do not foresee that it will end in six days, nor will it be contained to a battle between only these countries. My only hope is that the world unity the UK Defense Secretary John Reid spoke of will last and contain the battlefield to this region.

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Don Surber
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