Monday, November 28, 2005

Self-Censorship To Continued Traffic Exchange

This post will seem vague to some - if so, ignore it.

As I really appreciate your SHARING HERE, due to constraints of regulatory censorship some words will not be used to describe the ongoing activities pursued on this site to enhance traffic of those that participate. Henceforth, those activities will be described as a free advertising enterprise.

Although there is no monetary outlay involved to participate, a donation through reciprocal recognition of this site on your site is greatly appreciated. To reciprocate - please do not use the "o" word in conjuction with the "tb" word, or the "tb" word by itself, or even the "l""l" words to give acknowledgement. If you feel really compelled to use these words any site recognition to those sites you are advertising at will probably not occur. Please practice these rules of self-censorship for continued success in traffic exchange.

What? You say that all this is clear as mud? Good. It was intended that way.

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Thanks! The advertisement of your contribution from your site will be posted here as soon as my schedule permits. (If you still don't understand, look at some of my older entries - this is the same format, only censored).

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FYI - So there is no question in anyones mind about the extent of censorship here... Some words will not be censored on this site. They are (but not limited to): God, Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas, Nativity, the Cross, Christianity and CHRISTMAS tree.

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