Monday, January 30, 2006

al-Zawahri Is Alive And Angry

A new tape has been released on Al-Jazeera in which al-Zawahri, the mouthpiece of bin Laden, denounced Bush and called the bombing in Pakistan that was aimed at him an attack on "innocents" even while he went on to say,
"In seeking to kill my humble self and four of my brothers, the whole world has discovered the extent of America's lies and failures and the extent of its savagery in fighting Islam and Muslims."
Calling Bush the "butcher of Washington" and a "failure", al-Zawahri scolded Bush for not taking the "lion of Islam, Sheik Osama bin Laden" up on his offer of a truce.

Al-Jazeera has dated the tape as having been made sometime in December or early January.

As I predicted in this post, al-Zawahri would be laughing at us. It has just taken the form of mockery.

Jay at Stop the ACLU is encouraging more wiretaps. We need more than wiretaps, I'm afraid. We need a frigging miracle to ward off this blight against humanity that is determined to drag the world back into days of the Crusades. Those that do not see the threat of Islam overrunning the world will die along with those of us that do. Ignorance will not be blissful in this case.

Right now I wonder who has the greater power to lead the Islamic extremists. Is it Ahmadinejad of Iran or bin Laden? If they were in the same room, who would be subservient? There has to be one true leader emerge in the war against the infidels to unite all the factions who fight amongst themselves nearly as much as they fight against the non-believers. Does either of these self-made leaders have the ability to accomplish this? If not either of them, then who? Who will it be?

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