Sunday, December 04, 2005

YEAH! I'm A Large Mammal (Again)

It appears that NZ Bear has worked out his scoring system and has implemented it. I know that there are going be many relieved to be back basically where they were or at a better rank than pre-Thanksgiving (believe it or not, my rank has miraculously risen over 300 places).

(...mildly concerned...gee, hope this lasts...can't get my hopes up though).

There will also be those whose disgust will runneth over when they find they have been hurtled to a dismally lower rank in the ecosystem. Some who have been linked to me have rose and sank dramatically over the last couple of weeks - to you all - my sincere condolences.

Rank isn't everything, but it is hard I admit to get anyone to pay attention to you when you are swimming around in primordial goo. We've all been there at the beginning. Some are inventive, aggressive, creative, divisive, decisive, and unabashedly self-promoting enough to swim out of the goo quickly. Others of us did more than a few laps in the mudbath before finding our way out. It can be done.

As I haven't been blogging a year yet, this has been the first revamping of this nature that I have gone through. Needless to say, I hope it is a long time until the next one occurs. I've got to admit though - some of the best comments I have ever read have been those from cheeky commenters who have voiced their concerns and complaints along the way over the last couple of weeks to NZ. Many found themselves floundering in mud - but, oh how great their blogs will be, based on the mudballs they threw at NZ.

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Stuck On Stupid shares A Disgusting Death Wish To A Soldier (Merry Christmas - Wish you were dead???? GO READ THIS and then DO SOMETHING to show your appreciation to our wounded veterans at Walter Reed Hospital).
Bloggin' Outloud shares Dogs vs Cats (a purrfect quote to remember).
The Florida Masochist shares Sixty years since the lost patrol (the secrets of the sea are many...).
The Real Ugly American shares McCain in 08? (political savvy weighted by conviction).
IRIS Blog shares Abbas Approves Reward Payments for the Family of Today's Suicide Bomber (anticipated annual rewards budget - over $100 Million/year - read this).
freedom folks shares If Left Handed... (my pick for quote of the day - "B.) Those who roll in ways that would probably make me slightly incontinent." - priceless).
third world county shares Funny, but disturbing (omg - David "flogged" me!)
The Florida Masochist shares More on the missing food stamp card story.

I will post it here (to give credit to you) as soon as my schedule permits.

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