Tuesday, December 13, 2005

When We Build - They Will Still Come

Do we really think that 14 miles of triple fence, with an estimated cost of over $35 million will deter illegal aliens crossing into Southern California? Do we really think a proposed 2000 miles of fencing with costs that would build super-prisons will slow down those who are determined to get across the border?

I doubt it. It would be better to build a fleet of jumbo-jets to fly those caught back to the southern most tip of Mexico, or Guatemala or where-ever they call home and let them try the trek north again. Add an extra couple of thousand miles or so to their walk and they might rethink the effort involved. At the cost to build another "wall of China" here, we should be able to throw in peanuts and a soda for their flight home.

Or for the amount of proposed money spent on a super wall, maybe we should just launch a takeover of the government of Mexico and begin another workers program equal to the one that built schools, roads, and government buildings in the early 1900's to utilize all this available workforce and rebuild our infrastructure with cheap labor and a green card. Heck in the long run, if we are gonna subsidize them, we might as well make them the 51st state.

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