Sunday, December 25, 2005

Victory Or Death

This was the password of George Washington's army in the crossing of the Delaware river 229 years ago that became the rallying cry of the first military forces of the United States. For them, the fight for liberty meant a battle to victory or death. A re-enactment of that night so long ago has been faithfully performed each of the past fifteen years, as a reminder and to honor those first of us to fight for freedom.

Today our military is once more engaged in a battle which carries the same basic element creating the need for the battle of 1776 - a fight for liberty (freedom from persecution from an extreme religious group). Time has changed other aspects of the battle - the fight is not limited to our own borders and the oppressor of 1776 has become an ally (only one of many in the world).

What a pity that the rallying cry of our forefathers has been adopted by these terrorists we now fight, who vow to never give up until their forces reign supreme or they are annihilated. There will be victory and death in this battle, but the words are not ours anymore. They have been taken by our enemies.

Not only does our country stand divided by political partisanship, but those who are entrusted with our safety have Benedict Arnold's amongst them who give away our secrets, our passwords, because they don't believe. The password of that cold night long ago has been lost to us, as has the conviction our forefathers had to stand behind our country at whatever the cost.

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