Saturday, December 03, 2005

TSA Approves In-flight Party Favors

It can be said that TSA has had a lot of bad press over the last couple of years. TSA is determined to make amends to the travelers they service in airports across the country. What better way than to provide party favors for those who have been flying the not-so-friendly skies since 9-11?

Slammed by the media and decried by the public for having a system in place that is poorly operated with less than efficient staff creating long lines and security checks that offend grannies who don't care for corset checks, TSA has ramped up a new plan to make flying fun for those that pass through their checkpoints. After intense scrutiny of customer surveys and flash polls of those standing in line, the PR people at TSA have determined that travelers biggest complaint are that they are bored.

What better way to promote good relations than to provide party favors like these pictured here to those boarding planes? It is a proven scientific fact that bored people are given to flights of fantasy, which lead to ideas of doom and gloom ("the plane is falling", "that man looks like a terrorist", "is that a crack in the window?", etc., etc.), if not redirected with constructive projects to busy those wandering minds. On Dec. 22, TSA will have barrels full of scissors, screw-drivers, wrenches, and the like for the passengers to choose from to entertain themselves while on their flight (these party favors were also determined by the results of the feedback received during the flash polls). Depending on which party favor is chosen, accompanying work project plans will be provided to give fliers a new way to busy themselves during those flights that do not show movies and peanuts only are provided.

Examples of the new boredom breakers are:

Scissors which will be accompanied by a pamphlet containing instructions on how to cut out paper people with realistic wounds. (A great stress reliever!)

Screwdrivers have a wonderful project provided with them on "how to dismantle the arms on the seats around you" (this was the number one choice of the heavy bottom fliers polled).

Wrenches will be a hit for those fliers with some athletic ability and long legs. A disclaimer that users must have good upper body strength with the ability to demonstrate full range of motion in both wrist and arm in tight places will accompany this party favor. These physical attributes will be necessary to be able to successfully complete the project of unbolting the rear floor fastener of the seats in the row in front of the user to provide a more comfortable and roomy flight.

Each party favor is guaranteed to provide the recipient with a way to occupy their flying time. Although, pamphlets are provided to give those with - shall we say, a less creative soul? - ideas on how to entertain themselves, there is no restrictions by TSA to let those with visionary imaginations engage in projects of their own creation during flight. TSA's motto is "The sky is the limit - let your imagination soar!". With this in mind, TSA promises that other party favors will become available as the public polls demand them. TSA is very pleased to provide this small way to entertain those that they serve.

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