Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stripped Citizenship

Over thirty years the United States has yo-yo'd over the citizenship of one man. Finally, a decision has been reached (although there is still the possibility of an appeal overturning the decision). The man who's citizenship has been stripped is John Demjanjuk. The reason he has had his citizenship revoked is because he lied to gain entrance to the US. To gain entrance he told authorities that he had been drafted into the Soviet army and became a prisoner of war in WWII. He actually was a German soldier who was a Nazi guard in a concentration camp. The evidence presented in his hearing which convinced the judge was a German identity card with a photograph and Demjanjuk's signature.
Demjanjuk was first stripped of his U.S. citizenship in 1981 and extradited to Israel, where he was sentenced to death in 1988 on eyewitness testimony from Holocaust survivors that he was the notorious Ivan of the Treblinka death camp where 870,000 died.

The Israeli Supreme Court overturned his death sentence in 1993 and freed him after newly released records from the former Soviet Union showed another man, Ivan Marchenko, was probably the sadistic guard at Treblinka.

In 1998, the United States restored Demjanjuk's citizenship based on the wrongful accusations, but the Justice Department refiled its case against him, arguing he had worked for the Nazis as a guard at three concentration camps.

Demjanjuk was stripped of his citizenship again after the 2002 ruling found in favor of the Justice Department.
It took another three years of hearings until finally a US immigration judge issued his deportation to the Ukraine. Demjanjuk is afraid he could be prosecuted or face torture if he were sent back to Ukraine -- or Germany or Poland if Ukraine refuses to accept him. No remorse there, only self-preservation on his part. He deserves the same treatment as those he guarded. The punishment should fit the crime if he is tried once more and convicted.

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