Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Post Insinuates Sanctions Caused Iranian C-130 Crash

A C-130 (American made) military cargo plane crashed into a military based apartment building in Iran killing 94 passengers onboard and at least 24 on the ground. The Washington Post reports:
...there were no survivors among the 94 people aboard the plane, which was ferrying journalists to observe a naval exercise in the Persian Gulf.
A sad situation, made more so by the insinuation of the Post reporter that the US was ultimately to blame for the crash.
The cause of the crash was not immediately known. Iran has a poor air safety record, although the fact the C-130 is an American-made aircraft may play a role in the investigation. U.S. sanctions on Iran have led to chronic shortages of spare parts. The shortages have so bedeviled Tehran that the Bush administration has held out the possibility of lifting the sanction on airline parts as a bargaining chip in negotiations over the future of Iran's nuclear program.
So much for world peace and goodwill relations. Given the opportunity to report facts only, the Post has incorporated their own speculations into the possibility of the crash even as they say, "The cause of the crash was not immediately known." This is just another case of an un-balanced and biased semi-factual report by the media.

(Of course, this is just MY opinion...)

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