Sunday, December 18, 2005

Peace Has It's Price

Hamas, the sworn enemy of Israel has been seeking to establish itself in the government of Palestine through the democratic process the country practices. Hamas's success has come from dissatisfaction of the Fatah party which is seen by many Palestinians as corrupt. But can an organization that has for years been the epitome of death and destruction through self-proclaimed support of terrorism against Israel, suddenly become the leaders for a country that will have to compromise to gain financial support it desperately needs from the European Union and the United States?

In the event that Hamas becomes the controlling party in the Palestinian government to receive subsidies from other world leaders Hamas would have to cease any support of aggression against the people of Israel. The European Union doubts this will happen and so does the United States.

Where does that leave the Palestinians? Regardless of who is in power, the bottom line is that unless all aggression and acts of hostility against Israel cease aid to the Palestinian people will not be forthcoming. It really doesn't say much for a country to have it's hand out asking for aid from the very allies of the country they are determined to destroy. It is also ludicrous for Palestine to expect those world powers they are begging aid from to just give it over without conditions or terms.

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