Monday, December 12, 2005

Oklahoma Gas Geysers Stump Officials

Kingfisher County, Oklahoma has become a source of scientific wonder for officials who are trying to figure out why a series of gas geysers have erupted there over the last few days.

According to the Kingfisher Sheriffs office the first reports of the geysers started coming in on Friday morning, and that firefighters and Oklahoma Corporation Commission officials were on the scene trying to determine the cause.

The geysers are occurring at various locations in the county with some sites located as close as a quarter of a mile apart. The longest distance has been reported as being twelve miles away from the nearest gas spout.

Local authorities are warning residents that the gas may travel along water lines and are urging the residents to not drink water coming from their wells, if they smell gas. Few area residents use well water, and at this time none have reported gas emissions affecting their water source.

According to Encarta a large gas pool lies beneath Kingfisher County. Hopefully, this will be proven to be a natural phenomenon and not caused by years of drilling in the area. The county may be well on it's way to tap into a new source of income from the tourist industry, if it proves to be Mother Nature's way of burping.

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