Thursday, December 08, 2005

No Holds Barred

Got something to say? Say it here. I'll be away for the day working, so impress me with your thoughts on everything and anything. It's a free for all day. All taker's please abide by my rules or you'll be thrown from the ring.

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Throwing their weight around is:
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The Florida Masochist with The Knucklehead of the Day award
The Florida Masochist with Gee I didn't know that
The Florida Masochist with Save us
Bloggin' Outloud with Search String Silliness & Open Links
The Real Ugly American with The Left Tries To Tell Us Again No Ties Between Iraq and Al Qaeda!
freedom folks with War on Christmas? What War on Christmas?
The Florida Masochist with Get lost
The Florida Masochist with The Sky is falling or The sky isn't falling?
Don Surber with White Flag Democrats Video
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freedom folks with The Great Non-Smoking Putsch
Magnums Conservative Voice with Democrat Desperation (a new contributing blog with a lot to say)
Don Surber with Ode To The Democrats
Diggers Realm with Illegal Aliens Taking Congressional Seats Away From States That Don't Support Them (I welcome Diggers Realm to our list of contributing blogs)
Inside Online Advertising with BlogAds Orders Way Up
The Right Nation with Sleepy Sunday Open Trackback

Thanks to Mediacrity for the mention here in their post The AP's 'Truth' Problem. This new blogger has written a hard hitting critique of the bias of the media.

I will post it here (to give credit to you) as soon as my schedule permits.

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