Friday, December 23, 2005

Mexico's Hypocrisy

The US has been tongue-lashed by Mexican President Vicente Fox for the proposed wall and harsher immigration laws contemplated by Congress to curb the influx of illegal aliens coming in from Mexico. President Fox is calling for a coalition of South American countries to fight the wall and the proposed laws in what he deems is a "disgraceful" act from a country whose "nation was built by immigrants". El Presidente evidently forgot that those immigrants he speaks of were "legal" in years gone by.

President Fox has no business squalling about our country's attempt to keep at bay the flood of illegals coming here.
Mexico's federal Human Rights Commission acknowledged on Wednesday that the country uses some of the same methods in dealing with illegal migrants that it has criticized the United States for employing.

"As a matter of fact, (Mexico's) population law does include prison terms for illegally entering the country ... and this is something that has been the subject of constant complaints," said Mauricio Farah, a national inspector for the rights commission.
President Fox - a hypocrite?
Jose Luis Soberanes, president of the rights commission, said that Mexico also uses many government agencies, such as the police and the military, to detain undocumented migrants, even though Mexican law technically doesn't allow that.

"One of the saddest national failings on immigration issues," Soberanes told a news conference, "is the contradiction in demanding that the North (the United States) respect migrants' rights, which we are not capable of guaranteeing in the South," along Mexico's border with Guatemala.
The Mexican government is not concerned with human rights. That is obvious by their policies on illegal immigration. President Fox and his coalition are only concerned with the financial gain that is the result of their fellow countrymen sending home money to support their families. Those misguided souls who take the trek north are not helping their country to build a bright financial future, they are merely doing a short term fix on what their own country can't do - support them.

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