Thursday, December 01, 2005

Media Bias Is A Part Of Life - Get Over It

If you consider the amount of bad press that our military gets around the world regarding their role in Iraq, should it be any wonder that a PR movement by the military to offset that would occur? It appears the latest (gasp) scandal to be aimed at our soldiers is one that I find an overblown left-sided attempt to have (once more) something negative to say about the whole situation in Iraq and uses the military as (once again) a scapegoat.

The gist of the story is that the liberal and the left are bent over the possibility that stories in Iraqi press were written by members of our military there and then were passed off as being submitted by Iraqi reporters. Part of the grumbling was because of possible payment being made by the military to have the stories presented this way. Part of the grumbling was that it was not done in a factual manner, but rather showed a slant towards the positive effect that our military has had in working with the Iraqi people and the success they are having in creating a new Iraqi state.

So what is really wrong with this? I guess no one has ever heard of ghost writers before? I guess no one has ever heard of protecting sources (regardless of the reason they are being protected)? I guess no media source has ever paid for a story? I guess no story has ever been written and sold as true, factual and unbiased by the media that really wasn't? I guess no story has ever been spoonfed by powerful entities to a media source to promote a cause which was then sold to us as an unbiased and factual story? I guess no story was ever written where sources supporting a certain position were lined up and quoted in number, but little effort was made to contact sources not supporting the issue for their opinion to the public? I guess all media sources that have senior editors (who are unabashedly biased in their editorial sections) that sit ramrod over the reporters under them, can swear before their creator that they proof these junior reporters stories for publication in a totally factual and unbiased manner?

Just because it is written in black and white, or regurgitated to us by some television personality does not make any story beyond suspicion of factual and unbiased reporting. If there is any doubt about that, then just look at who is on the accounting books of the media as advertising accounts.

This has been a true and factual account of my side of the issue. If I sound slanted to you - just call me biased.

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