Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fires Rage Due To Carelessness

High winds and dry conditions led to another day of fires for the states of Texas and Oklahoma. One elderly woman who lived near the state line was killed in the fire. Over two dozen homes in Oklahoma alone were destroyed. Major highways were shut down due to poor visibility. Although a ban on open burning and fireworks has been issued in both states, many of these fires began because of these very reasons.

The picture shown here was from a fire that burned in the western suburbs of Tulsa. This area is within 7 miles of my second home. I wasn't there yesterday, being at my primary home for the holidays. The high winds drove the smoke cover to the east/northeast and could be seen as a thick haze in the hill country where my home is located in rural eastern Oklahoma reducing visibility to under 2 miles. The distance from the nearest fires to my house is over 80 miles. That is how bad these fires were.

Even as the fires burn, many businesses in the state continue to sell fireworks for New Years. Shameful on their part. Even worse are the fools that are purchasing and lighting the fireworks. There won't be much to celebrate in many areas because of Tuesday's fires.

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