Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Changes In Progress

I am learning a few things about blogging and having a link advantage. I spent some time on just how many bloggers were actually linking to me and how link penalization occurs in the TTLB rank system.

A couple of things I have found is that if you are linked to one site more than two times - (it doesn't matter if it is a permanent main link through a blogroll or individual post link made in the content area of a post) anything above and beyond that number won't count as a rule. Multiple offenses in this manner will receive additionally penalization from the Bear according to my research. At some point all links will grow old, die, and fall off the TTLB scoring system, so this is one reason I will continue on with my daily open posts. This scoring system does not pertain to Technorati, where a link is a link, regardless of the number of times it occurs or how it is generated. Another good reason to continue on with what I am doing.

Smaller groups that use blogrolls that are required to be posted on participating bloggers sites are counted as a link for each participating site by TTLB. Also, I have found that due to my own laziness I have helped more than a few bloggers with receiving a higher link count than they really deserved because I had listed blogrolls from aggregrators, etc. that most found too space consuming to list or that slowed the load time considerably due to their large numbers. With that in mind I will revamp accordingly. There is no sense in continuing to be a dinosaur in a stream-lined world these days I guess.

I have dropped Basil's code (sorry Basil) to open the trackbacks to allow quick view of them in content to enhance viewing and loading time, and from now on will manually add those who wish to contribute a post here for extra exposure.

Just because I am getting penalized (as well as those who contribute are) in the TTLB ecosystem, doesn't mean that Technorati is as punitive and for that reason I will continue on with the theme of posting trackbacks that I began last month.

I rather enjoy it (an open post theme), as I actually take the time to read those that post here. I have emailed back and forth with several new blog friends that I wouldn't have met if I hadn't started doing this. I have found I am making extra time on the computer to keep up with the posts as they come in. I like the idea that bloggers take initiative enough to share their posts, rather than sit back and wait for someone to stumble on to them by (yuck) surfing. I'm afraid if you are waiting for someone like me to read your blog that way - you will be waiting awhile.

You are invited to advertise your stories daily (no limits), but please read my rules. Find my rules here for submitting your piece. Thanks for sharing!

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I will post it here (to give credit to you) as soon as my schedule permits.

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