Saturday, December 17, 2005

Better Safe Than Sorry Policy

Thank you Mr. President for the tongue lashing you gave the Senate and the media for their work in making this country a less safer place to live. Thank you too, for your "better safe than sorry policy" that you have in place and will continue to utilize, despite the fools who believe that there is no national security issue that needs to be delegated to a top-secret category which places it off-limits to them.

It is a sorry day for us all, when our intelligence agencies have their hands tied by politically correct fools who believe in a policy of trust,kindness and understanding to combat extremist's who are hellbound to plot and commit acts of terrorism here and in other countries. Based on a nearly year old media source conveniently published the day of the vote, the Senate knee-jerks to vote in constraints on the forms of interrogation that can be used to get needed information for those plotting against our country and it's allies. It is a sorry day indeed.

This is possibly the worst example of how the media affects our government and sways decision making. Those Senators constituents might have a different opinion on giving more power to those being interrogated than to those that are doing the interrogating. Hopefully, the fools voting this in will not be around if and when the next attack occurs here on our soil. Hopefully, if that does occur the media will not be crowing about how the government failed to utilize intelligence to it's fullest to prevent the attack. Action alone will keep us safe. The inability to act will be our undoing. The Patriot Act as it stands now, is not going to help keep us safe.

Based on the constraints now hampering interrogators I guess the only way to get information is to feed them their meals pureed until they talk. Three squares in a cup would not be cruel or inhumane. Unappealing and tasteless possibly, but not cruel or inhumane. I will donate the first blender to the US intelligence forces for this purpose, if they will kindly just let me know where to send it.

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