Friday, December 02, 2005

All-Nighters and Blogging Don't Mix

It's another braindead day after for me. A 7pm to 7am shift at work, followed by an hour long drive home, has left me unable to function coherently. While I catch up on a few zzz's, why not give yourself a Friday plug with some free advertising here?

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Taking advantage of an opportunity to promote their stuff:
freedom folks with Arabs: We (heart) France (my pick of quote of the day with "Muslim world = Caliphate! (or as we say in Chicago -- Kiss my fat white ass Omar )". Indeedy.)
Stuck On Stupid with From A Paperclip And Beyond Link Fest (a bit obsessive, aren't we?).
freedom folks with Conservative Songmeisters Unite! (smiting injustice, liberal values, and stupidity through song).
Clark Mountain Musings with Wanted terrorists returning to Gaza through Rafah........DUH! (for todays dose of vitriol).
freedom folks with Mehlman Blasts (a new label attached to illegal aliens - more pc I guess...)
The Right Nation with (Open Trackback) Weekend Round-Up (Italian version available in English translation - tkes a look at world political issues - who's talking and who's not)
freedom folks with with A Jury Of Their Peers (her light even though stolen does not shine bright).
Stuck On Stupid with 2005 White House Christmas Card (this has George and Laura's seal of approval)
Atlantic Review with Genocide: U.S. calls for more sanctions against Sudan, but Germany sees business opportunities (new leadership is questionable if finance takes precedence over humanitarian policy).

I will post it here (to give credit to you) as soon as my schedule permits.

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