Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rumsfeld's Epipheny - Insurgents No More?

More hyperbole as to what to call "those that wish to kill infidels". According to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld during an epipheny(?) he realized that insurgents shouldn't be called insurgents anymore. When asked what "those that wish to kill infidels" should be called, Rumsfeld said after some thought, “Enemies of the legitimate Iraqi government. How’s that?”

Hmmm, how about "that sucks" for my reply?

I thought when you had an epipheny you found the answer to a problem. This feels like a bigger problem has been created - over what? A misidentification of the real problem. Obviously, Rumsfeld has forgotten the reason that "those that wish to kill infidels" are killing their own people is not about the people forming a new government - it's about the fact that the people of Iraq are being helped by the infidels to do it. Now that really ticks off "those that wish to kill infidels" because the way they see it is that the people of Iraq are aiding and albeiting (basically sleeping with the enemy) which is a crime against Allah in their eyes.

Sec. Rumsfeld, I respectfully submit that your epiphany really wasn't one. If you are looking for something different to call "those that wish to kill infidels", how about calling them what they really are - terroristic religious zealots? OK, I admit that is a mouthful. So how about a compromise and we just call them insurgents?

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