Sunday, May 01, 2005

Marijuana Accidents: When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes...

A study out of Auckland over a 12 month period that studied 571 drivers involved in car crashes and another 588 drivers selected at random for the studies control group found that habitual marijuana users were 9.5 times more likely to be involved in crashes in which at least victim of the crash was hospitalised or killed. Due to the results of the study, researchers have decided that random roadside testing is not as cost-effective as a good public information campaign.

A recent study out of King's College London University (read more on this) found that emails, text messaging, and phones in office communications are actually more hazardous to the users health than smoking pot.

Hopefully, the Auckland anti-pot awareness campaigners are aware of the King's College findings. But just in case, New Zealanders please be advised... Avoid all weaving cars with smoke-filled interiors whose drivers are on the cell phone, they may be "learning" how hazardous they are at your expense.

posted by Is It Just Me? at 7:58 AM