Saturday, April 23, 2005

Warning: Email is Hazardous to Your Health/IQ

The next time your computer monitor flashes at you that "YOU HAVE MAIL" please try to restrain yourself as it has been found that email and other modern means of office communication is hazardous to your health and IQ. After 80 clinical sessions the result of a study out of King's College London University has found that office workers constantly bombarded by phone calls, emails and text messages who feel compelled to respond immediately to the distractions are suffering from a higher loss of IQ than marijuana smokers. Dr. Glenn Wilson reported the study showed a 10 point drop in IQ by the office workers which is the equivalent of the IQ drop seen in those who loose an entire nights sleep. Marijuana smokers who were studied had only a 4 point drop in their IQ.

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue at work you may be showing symptoms of this sensory overload disorder. To relieve these symptoms take power naps daily, turn the ringer off on the phone, and "just say no" to email.

posted by Is It Just Me? at 7:35 AM