Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Must Be Doing Something Right (As in NOT LIBERAL)

I am flattered to announce that I have had the distinction of being spotlighted by a left leaning liberal blog called A Scrivener's Lament for my comments on the ACLU and it's part in promoting poor parenting. Among other recipients named as being, "This Week's Backside Of The Bell Curve Winner(s)! Repulican Bloggers" are "Presidential Press Conference" by, "Ken Mehlman Calls On Democrats To End Their Obstruction of Social Security Reform" by Matt Margolis for, "An Open Letter to All Bloggers" by Roger L. Simon (this particular nomination left me puzzled - although Roger takes his shots at the left - dare I say - religiously on his blog), "If The False Alarm Had Been Real, There Could Have Been A Lot Of Dead Reporters" by Right Wing News, and "'This is our heritage,' UDC president says" a piece posted on (whose link I could not find to give you the FULL story).

Kudos to all of us who made this list. I know you are laughing with me. To be so noted shows we are all DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!

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