Thursday, April 28, 2005

Abortions For Minors: ACLU Endorsed Poor Parenting

The ACLU has decided to champion another immoral cause. A thirteen year old Florida girl is in the center of a court case because she became pregnant and went to a women's center where she "made an informed decision to abort" and was blocked in court by the Florida state Department of Children & Families from the abortion she is seeking. The girl, who is a long time ward of the state, was blocked in court by DCF because of state law which prohibits the department from consenting to an abortion for a minor in any instance. The ACLU has taken up the girls case and is fighting to lift the block on the abortion citing that the girl is being denied her constitution rights to make decisions due to her age.

If the ACLU wins this case, which denies parents the right (and in their absense, the state) to be informed of their childrens activities and involved in life altering decision making (as in the case of abortion by minors) it will pave the road for those who are already poor parents (as in the case of this girl, who is living in a state funded shelter) to further distance themselves from the role of parenthood and those parents who have not provided a structured environment for their children with proper supervision and guidance an "out" when their child becomes pregnant to remove themselves from parental responsibility for their childrens actions. In the case of those parents who wish to be actively involved in their childrens life, to be informed and to take responsibility for their childrens actions a win by the ACLU in this case will send the message to our youth that "parents do not know best", because the parents will not know at all. In essence, the ACLU is sending the message to our youth that "you know best" and "what your parents don't know won't hurt you".

This is yet another move on the ACLU's part to undermine the integrity of the family unit. With social morals slipping, those parents who are struggling to maintain a higher moral standard within their family structure are being slapped in the face for BEING A PARENT with this type of "big brother" intervention. This comes from an organization that chooses to place the rights of illegal aliens, convicts, and immoral degenerates over those of the law-abiding tax paying citizens who are quickly becoming the "silent and stymied majority".

For those parents (who have no parenting skills or interest in being a parent) a win by the ACLU essentially relieves them from the additional burden they place on society by letting their children run wild and forgives them of their irresponsibility in child rearing. In essense then, the ACLU endorses poor parenting.

But while I am on the subject of minors and murder, let me throw out this thought...

In the case of minors who murder and the state seeks to punish them as adults for their crime the ACLU claims that they cannot be tried as an adult because of their youth. In the case of minor girls (and their minor boyfriends who are oftentimes funding an abortion) the ACLU feels these minors are quite capable and mature enough to make the decision to KILL A LIFE.

My question to the ACLU is this - how does your organization justify the obvious reversal in thinking that minors who have already killed are immature in their actions, and those minors who are contemplating killing by abortion are mature?

I'm not going to hold my breath for an answer.

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