Tuesday, May 31, 2005

House Members Fight ACLU's Ill-Gotten Gains

Members of the House of Representatives have introduced legislation to limit monetary rewards to reimburse legal fees by those who would seek to sue over religious issues. It is called the `Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005'.

I first posted on this on May 8th (read). As I stated in that article, unless a litigated case can prove damage beyond a perceived state of being offended, the case will fall into this Act's jurisdiction and no monetary reimbursement for attorney fees by the party that sues can be awarded. This will reduce greatly the amount of frivolous lawsuits, as seen recently in the news, that the ACLU has initiated against schools, cities, counties, and states in which religious art in public places or on public grounds was the basis for the lawsuit. Additionally, those lawsuits stemming from "a moment of silence", prayer in public places, or any other religious issue in which the damage is an "offense" and not one that causes physical or monetary damage will fall under this Act.

Let your Congressmen know that you support this action. For too long now, the ACLU has initiated all manners of frivolous lawsuits that have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary litigation for taxpayers. The way the ACLU supports itself is through litigation of this nature. With the enactment of the `Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005' the financial funding for the ACLU will be dealt a huge blow. They do not work "pro bono" as they would like everyone to believe. Their attorneys will not pursue litigation that does not line their pockets one way or the other. Their work is not a charitable work for the greater good of mankind. It is all a matter of litigation for profit for the ACLU. It is time this stops.

Read more on this at Stop the ACLU.

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