Sunday, May 08, 2005

Religion Fights A No Profit Situation

Indiana Rep. John Hostettler (R) is getting ready to face down Goliath using the very stone that has been hurled at the religious elements in government, schools, and other public entities that have been the recipient of recent lawsuit engagements by the ACLU (i.e., the law). It is Rep. Hostettler's intention to introduce an amendment to Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Act of 1976, 42 U.S.C. Section 1988 which will prohibit prevailing parties from being awarded attorneys fees in religious establishment cases, but not in other civil rights filings.

Civil rights cases historically were based on the premise that the injured party was mentally, physically or monetarily injured, not as in recent events offended as those who have taken issue with prayer in school or religious decorations placed in government buildings or public squares. The ACLU has changed it's litigation standards over the years. The reason is money. Bring in 10 attorneys like the ACLU does on their cases and the cost of litigating gets real expensive to those who have the misfortune to be named defendants in the case. Most school systems and small government entities do not have the financial reserves to fight an army of attorneys. So through intimidation by threat of lawsuit many who would fight, can't.

To find out how to contact your state Representatives and Senators, visit the Stop the ACLU website. It is time for Goliath to be knocked down.

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