Sunday, April 13, 2008

After 50 Years

A week ago I passed the 50 year mile marker. Reflecting on life is a natural thing to do at this age.

The 1st Person Wish List...

Personally I wish I had:
  • more education
  • traveled farther
  • a deeper commitment to being centered (as in not allowing myself to be tugged in too may directions at the same time)
The Personal Wish List...

As a mother I wish I had:
  • spent more time playing with my kids
  • been better at providing for them
  • listened more and better
  • more patience and wisdom
As a woman I wish I had:
  • not been so easy to trust those who didn't deserve it
  • been more assertive
  • less afraid to venture out on my own
The lists contain the words "more" and "better" frequently. In retrospect, it's easy to spot moments lost and the regret that comes with them. Time does get away from a person. As much as a person wishes that the world would just come to a screeching halt, just long enough to get it together, the world continues on and willing, ready or not keeping up and evolving with it isn't a choice, it's a necessity.

The Next 50 Years Wish List...

I hope:
  • to remove more and better from my vocabulary by accepting myself first for the person I am
  • to take that acceptance and allow it to fill my life with new opportunities instead of regret.

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