Thursday, March 13, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I'm out of practice. Lot's of excuses - too busy, writer's blog, my new dog, work, spending my income tax return, etc., etc.

Speaking of spending money. I bought a Sharp HD 19 inch TV/monitor combo. It's my new toy and I love it. I never was one to watch movies, now I watch them instantly from Netflix. Although, I did have to work out a kink or two. Like the video card is out-dated a tad. No problem, kick the driver on as long as it takes to watch the movie and back it back to stone age settings. The first time threw me as I didn't do this before shutting off the computer and when I brought it back up I couldn't get a signal to the display. Fortunately I hadn't thrown away the old monitor. Now I know better - ALWAYS reset before powering down.

My new dog was spayed this week. Poor thing really was loopy for a couple of days. She must have had some good drugs. She's better now and is playing and got her prance back. Although she was amusing while loopy. I thought only people stared at walls when they were messed up.

I don't know if I've had writers block or just a writer's blah thing going on. Politically speaking, McCain wasn't my first (second or third) choice so I've got nothing really to get fired up about. Between Obama and Hillary, while entertaining to see them skirt around issues and keep from spilling blood, there is nothing there to look forward to except the thought that maybe the Mayan's were on to something. 4 years of either one and Doomsday could very well happen...

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