Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Miss

Weighing in at 8.6 lbs, with a snore that can lull even the most caffeinated person to sleep, this pint size pooch has won the hearts of all the humans in the family. She's fearless of Sally our 70 lb. mutt and will stand down our cats who are all bigger than her. She's a dancer, who can cross a floor on her hind feet for a treat with her front paws crossed daintily in front. She's a wonder to everyone who's met her.

Little Miss showed up starved, dirty and cold nearly 3 weeks ago at our front gate on a frigid night with a single digit windchill reading. A trip to the veterinarian proved to be enlightening and added more to the mystery to her story.

The vet swears she is a full blood Pekingese. That was a shock. How or why would anyone abandon a valuable dog like her? She had no microchip, no collar, was not spayed and although the vet put her age at around two years old had never had a litter. Health wise, she's a little bit worse for the wear. Underweight, coat was thin, and an ear infection. But, that all is in the process of being fixed. She's had her shots, gotten ear drops, has a microchip, is eating quality food and next month will be spayed and have laser surgery to reduce the skin folds under her eyes to prevent her eyes from becoming scratched. (My "better"(?) half loved that - he wondered if the vet could do a two-for for the pair of us).

She's learned to play. The poor little thing had never had toys. It took over a week for Little Miss to settle in and begin to take interest in a couple of squeak toys. She wasn't housebroken. That is taking more time, but she loves her treats and is getting better at doing her "business" in the proper places and at the proper times. She's becoming well traveled. She didn't do well until I got her a traveling bag, but now she's ready to go.

I hate to admit this, but I think I needed Miss more than she needed me. I guess I had been slowly falling into the empty nest syndrome. My kids are grown and my better half doesn't like to be hovered over. It was hard to get up in the morning and harder to come home after work at night, especially when everyone was gone but me. It's funny how much more energy I've got since Miss has come along.

The vet says I rescued her..., (don't tell anyone - but, I really think it was the other way around).

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