Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Saga of Socks

Cats DO have nine lives. The saga of Socks has been resurrected and if this cat could talk you can bet it might be hard to understand him through the hissing.

Socks the cat was a presidential celebrity during the 8 years the Clinton's tried to write their own version of Camelot. Socks initially shared his spotlight with Buddy the chocolate Labrador pup of the Reagan days, who unfortunately didn't have nine lives and ended up roadkill within months of his leaving the White House. Buddy's early demise, though tragic, was not in vain as he became the inspiration behind young parents everywhere when telling their children to "look both ways before crossing the street". It was easy for them to point out that Buddy was no more, all they had to do was point at his picture on the book filled with letters they wrote to Buddy and Socks. That Hillary capitalized on these impressionable young parents across the party lines, can still be seen today. Their children, now grown, still stand on street corners everywhere paralyzed by the fear of having to step off the curb and take responsibility for themselves. Their parents, under Hillary's guidance as a first mom, effectively enabled these disenchanted young adults of today to be perpetually looking for the outstretched hand to take care of them for all their lives (cause you know... without someone looking out for them they could end up like Buddy). But no fear, Hillary is back and ready to take their hands and lead them into HER promised land.

But enough about Buddy. This is about Socks. Now Socks had a long and sometimes controversial life as the first feline. He became the poster kitty for momma Hillary's soft side. He was photo-op'd to the max and even had his own special issue Christmas kitty lapel pin, which the Secret Service team once wore. He was the subject of right-wing cartoons, often showing that the silent and much put upon cat had more sense than anyone he shared the White House with. In the end, the cat Socks knew ALL the secrets and for all of Hillary's promoting of the feline and his part in the presidential family, he didn't have a home with the Clinton's when they had to move. (He wasn't alone as Bill didn't have much of a home with Hillary after Monica, but that's a different story). Poor old Socks was dumped on Bill Clinton's personal secretary Betty Currie. Betty was good at taking care of unwanted and troublesome "issues", like the cleanup after Monica, so why not clean up after a retired Socks, too?

Unlike Hillary, some people DO believe an adopted animal IS family until the day they die. And this where the ninth life of Socks the cat comes in. He is back this time as the symbol of what Hillary really is all about. Hillary's first lady days as first mom, first wife, first friend to cats and kids alike are over. In revealing the saga of Socks we see Hillary as Hillary sees herself, FIRST. She conveniently oust the cat when having a pet was inconvenient and burdensome. That's relatively a minor personality flaw. But she also compromised herself as a real leader by keeping her compromised husband. Politically speaking, she capitalized on those who believe marriage is an institution, even when (in this case) those involved in it should be institutionalized. It's hard to be a liberal and find some common ground with the right, but Hillary did this the day Bill became first lady when she publicly forgave him. That's the day, the claws really came out and an emasculated Bill took the backseat for a decade long campaign to untarnish the Clinton name and leave a legacy that Hillary could live with.

Happily for Hillary, it appears all her hard work over the years, compromising herself for cross over appeal, is paying off. Soon our children, WILL be village children, brought up to believe in the big hand(out) of government if Hillary gets the votes. Of course, talking about paying for that is about as unspeakable as talking about used kitty litter.

So Socks wherever you are, you are needed and loved. May your picture become, once more, iconic and an inspiration for the right. (As well as a much needed reminder to Hillary that only cats have nine lives).

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