Sunday, August 26, 2007

American Dream Coalition Nightmare

Tulsa, OK Union High School was the host site yesterday (I sincerely hope that the school system was paid for the use as a meeting house promoting continued illegal activity) for a forum sponsored by the American Dream Coalition. The topic that filled the house? How to fight Oklahoma's HB-1804 (effective date November 1, 2007) which empowers local law officials to check citizenship status of individuals that they arrest who are charged with misdemeanors warranting the cause to be held in jail and felonies. Attending were concerned Hispanics worried that they will become victims of ethnic profiling in traffic stops and the like. Now if all they did was speed or run a stop sign and have proof of insurance - no problem, right? If they are good upstanding green card carrying or legal citizens of the US they have nothing to fear except paying a traffic violation and seeing their insurance rates go up. In traffic stops that's all that is going to happen.

But that is exactly what they fear. Which is exactly what the Dream Coalition is capitalizing upon and are seeding a nightmare of fear amongst a group of individuals who may be legal citizens now, but in most likelihood had themselves or a family member a less than auspicious entry into the country years ago. Group fear of alienation brought upon by a collective guilty conscious.

"Over 20,000, at least, have already left, and that's devastating to families. economies, businesses and churches," says Rev. Victor Orta with the American Dream Coalition.

If they were legal, why leave? If, as the Dream Coalition is promoting, they as legal citizens were harassed by law officials and subjected to illegal profiling they would more than likely bankrupt the state in successfully won lawsuits. Instead, the nightmarish reality of the whole purpose of the forum is to fight the law and sue the state for what the Coalition contends is an unconstitutional piece of legislation. Which in turn, if the Coalition had their way, would leave us with an open door policy and provide safe harbor to all of those 20,000 who left, again I might add, for questionable reasons.
It's a shame. It should be a shame to all of them. Using rhetoric, inflammatory rhetoric, and cruel language," says Rev. Miguel Rivera with the Coalition of Latin Clergy.
Imagine that - the wording of the legislation being so awful. Why would they want to be Oklahoman's if they thought our elected members of government were so blatantly biased?

While the Coalition met, in Wagoner County, OK an illegal alien awaits trial on first degree murder charges for kicking his 2 year old son to death after an argument with the child's mother.

In this case, illegal citizen status wasn't ascertained until after a murder. A felony charge. Would the child still be alive if this illegal alien had been stopped for a simple traffic violation? No. It wouldn't have been an offense warranting a check the way HB 1804 is written.

Why won't the American Dream Coalition talk about this case and the other acts of violence being perpetrated against American citizens by illegal aliens across the country? Why aren't they telling those attending their rallies to live legal and they have nothing to worry about? Instead they are instilling a nightmarish fear amongst a group of individuals who they are using to promote continued illegal activity. The dirty unspoken secret here is that 20,000 did not leave because they were law-abiding citizens - they were illegal aliens and had broken laws to be in this country in the first place.

This is no honorable way to promote a cause. This murderer should be the poster boy for how well the system is working to protect people who are law abiding citizens. As long as he was quietly and legally pursuing his livelihood, he had no fear of being deported. Once he committed murder, he opened himself up to the full strength of law that Oklahoma holds.

Instead of supporting good legislation that would protect the lawful activity of legal citizens, the Dream Coalition would rather open the borders and give all rights of an American citizen to anyone, under any circumstances. And that is where the nightmare really begins.

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