Sunday, February 11, 2007

Presidential Hopefuls

What will it take to win the Presidency in 2008?

It won't be skin tones or the sex of the candidate that will be the deciding factor. It won't be how big your mansion is. The choice won't be made based on military service or the ability to survive for years in Washington with vanilla voting records.

The candidate that wins will have to be unique (in a unique crowd of hopefuls) with qualities that set him apart from the rest of the herd. And if it hadn't been for a certain astronaut capitalizing on the ability to go the extra mile without making a pit stop, one particular candidate from the past might have had a chance at taking home the coveted seat of power.

I'm afraid Ross Peirot, you've missed your chance again...

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posted by Is It Just Me? at 1:31 PM