Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Media - Politicians In Disguise

ABC's Diane Sawyer interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a dismal reminder to us all that Mahmoud is a pathological liar focused on one thing:

... the media is a tool to be used to manipulate:
Ahmadinejad: But you've come here in the disguise of politician, I guess.

Sawyer: No, I am a journalist, solely a journalist.
Ahmadinejad is a master of manipulation, who slips and reveals in this telling statement exactly how it is done:
Ahmadinejad: Well, one of the methods used for concealing the truth is diverting a topic.
which he does very well, by turning the initial question from Sawyer regarding his views of the Holocaust to point a finger at Israel persecuting Palestinians.
Question is if Holocaust is true. 1/2 To the Palestinian issue, why for the excuse of the Holocaust we have an illegitimate government in Palestine? Why in the name of Holocaust we allow people to occupy the land and make refugees and kill children? There are the questions that must be answered by American politicians, not to divert the attention.
In other words, Diane - you are the politician here in MY mind, quit changing the story to suit you.

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