Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend Warriors

Preparing to do battle with a new onslaught of weather, Oklahomans are digging in while anticipating the need to dig out soon. The Highway Patrol is warning of gasoline shortages in the southeastern part of the state and stores are having a hard time keeping shelves stocked as everyone is resupplying their supplies for the storm moving in later tonight. Being a weekend warrior takes on a whole new meaning when staying warm, well fed, and safe are at issue.

We've been getting lots of warnings about driving on ice slick roads, but it can be just as dangerous to sit in your car as one Tulsan found out today when ice slides off the roof of a building. This picture comes from Channel 8 News.

I am working the tonight and tomorrow and then (roads permitting) will be going home to relieve my older son from the job of keeping the house warm so he can go to work. Hopefully, before the end of next week we'll have power restored to our home. In the meantime, between the generators (I bought a second one while I had the opportunity, for a backup) and the small propane heater we'll be hunkered in until the weather and our situation improves.

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