Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It Just Goes To Show...

I feel sorry for emergency support people who are faced with rescuing people that place themselves in stupid situations. It's not like they haven't got enough to deal with saving people who are by accident placed in life-threatening situations...

Take for instance, the 18 year old man the Tulsa Fire Department rescued at 2:45 this morning - he was out sliding down an ice covered hill with a bunch of his friends in 4 degree weather when he fell over 20 feet and like Jack cracked his crown. (He couldn't get up the hill again either, but odds are that the only water involved was what was frozen underfoot).

Then you've got the woman who literally drowned herself to win a Wii for her kids. A sad situation for those kids, who could have had their mom around to raise them had she just been a little more conservative with her time and money. Saving aluminum cans might have been a safer way to get the coveted Wii for them. The young guy who fell down the hill probably could have helped her out.

Stupid acts don't always happen by chance - sometimes plotting to take out a perceived enemy can backfire. Barbara Boxer learned that this week in her attempt to dis Condi. What's even stupider is that she isn't a big enough person to apologize. It just goes to show that Dem's should not use the military (remember Kerry's open mouth insert foot fiasco?) to dis with. There should be some kind of mandatory training with permits issued to be able to fire-at-will verbally.

Remember when it was cool to play cowboys and Indians or bad guys and good guys? A sign of the times as to how stupid we humans can be is all the reports of young kids hanging themselves after playing Saddam goes to hell. This is a prime example of how poorly children are supervised these days when it comes to what they are watching on TV (or maybe just supervised period). Could mankind be getting dumber? Years ago the kids playing cops and robbers or some similar acted out fantasy had just as much opportunity to pick up their parents guns instead of using toy replicas or their fingers, but that just didn't happen. We've got to ask ourselves "why?".

Think of all the money and energy that goes into search and rescue attempts to recover people lost mountain climbing and doing all kinds of other forms of pushing the envelope. Finally, some of our legislators are figuring out that dumb is expensive and that tax-payers shouldn't be the ones paying for it. Which is a start on being smarter when dumb happens.

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