Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dirty Fingers Everywhere

When will we learn?

A constant source of irritation is the dismal ability of the Iraqi government to properly screen members of their army and police force for loyalty to the government above and beyond personal religious affiliations. Betrayal from within is loosing this war that has gone from the attempt to liberate and bring democracy to a people that had suffered long years under dictatorship to a sectarian fight pitting Kurd against Sunni against Shiite, with the Allied Forces forced to play referee between the groups rather than deal with the insurgents that continue to infiltrate the Iraqi borders. No one can be trusted (it would seem), whether it is the highest branch of Iraqi government to the police officer on the street.

Numerous incidents have occurred in which "trusted" positions of authority have been abused by individuals to kill civilians in religious based genocide. What kind of government places individuals at the execution of a disposed leader, found guilty of genocide of the people of their country, in a position to use the moment for blatant sectarian promotion whether they were cheering for Saddam's death or using it for a photo-op to make him a martyr? A very sloppy handling of such a sensitive situation has left not one, but two incidents now in which to incite further turmoil within the country due to misplaced loyalty. Heads should be rolling (literally when treason is involved) in the streets of Iraqi to clean house on people determined to place their religious identity over that of a unified government. Where we failed was to encourage their democracy, but with not enough intervention to keep religion out of the political machine needed to create a unified govern state - their government definitely does not understand the concept of separation of church and state. This is proving disastrous not only for the people of Iraq, but anyone that has anything to do with their country.

Everyone wants to blame the US for creating this situation, but is it our fault really? Our government has problems, but abuse of power is not an issue because of the checks and balances we have in place. This is not a learned behavior of the Iraqi people from US intervention. If that were the case, the Republican and Democratic parties would have killed off millions by now, with the Independents running back and forth secretly creating incidents to incite full scale manslaughter between the two major parties. If that was really the case and we were really a power hungry invader (as we are constantly being accused of), there would be no Iraqi government now. No it's not our fault that the Iraqi's have so many dirty fingers placed in control, the blame lies at the feet of those Iraqi's who only want to see their particular interests in control at whatever the cost. It's their battle and they are loosing to treacherous individuals practicing treason from their positions of power. In the days of Saddam power hungry individuals had either practiced openly under Saddam's support, or quietly harbored dreams of revenge the day they were delivered from his reign. With hindsight we now know we have supplied them with the weapons (freedom and the arms to kill without fear) to continue their religious genocide - our best intentions have supplied many dirty fingers dealing in death and destruction.

What is even more appalling is the gloating of Hamas over the US aide to the Fatah party. Fatah party leaders are now bragging that the money given by the US to Abbas and the Fatah controlled government will go to Hamas, as will the weapons supplied to Fatah to fight Hamas. I really wish that this was just a case of the have not's crying foul, but President Abbas himself appointed as the leader of his own personal security unit a man recognized by Israel as being involved in wholesale slaughter of Israeli's and active in terrorist organizations loyal to Hamas and the extermination of Israel. Even Olmert of Israel sanctioned the armament of Fatah by the US.

Is this crazy or what? How can two governments (the US and Israel) provide relief of any form when the fingers are so dirty in Palestian government that it's a given that it will definitely be used to continue acts of terrorism? Oh yes that's right, don't tell me, it's all our fault... We promoted the free Palestian government, democracy and all it's trappings. The word "trap" aptly describes the situation the US finds itself in after helping the Palestian people become free. Trapped by good intentions, without proper and severe restrictions upon how those good intentions would someday be abused by dirty fingers within the Palestian government and military. When Hamas became a recognized political party, because the people of Palestine were free to elect them, they laughed at us. We deserved it. And if there is any truth behind the bragging going on now that our relief money and arms to fight the terrorist organization Hamas will be going to them, because of the freely elected dirty fingers in the Palestine government, then we are doing something seriously wrong.

There doesn't seem to be any clear cut solution in the case of Iraq. Our best intentions have definitely trapped us there. Their government is clearly infiltrated at all levels by treacherous and treasonous individuals. It doesn't appear that the people have any say at all in the government and how they are governed. For an Iraqi citizen to complain about his elected representative in government is the equivalent of buying a ticket to the cemetery. Equally disturbing is the dilemma of what to do in Palestine. Should we withhold money and arms until Abbas can clean up his dirty finger problem, we take the chance of Hamas breaking the back of the Palestian government with the support flowing to them from Syria and Iran. If we give aide, we may very well be arming Hamas for another war with Israel.

Our best intentions have been besmirched and besmudged by very dirty fingers indeed. But it doesn't have to continue on that way. Both countries want our aide. That doesn't mean we have to give it to be used against us.

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