Thursday, December 14, 2006

Curbing Hamas

(From REUTERS) Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh (center) sits in the street at the Rafah crossing as he waits to cross into Gaza December 14, 2006.

While attempting to bring $35 million dollars cash loaded in suitcases into Palestine from Egypt, the Palestinian PM Haniyeh was stopped and forced to cool his heels on a road side curb when Israeli set up a crossing block to greet him. Haniyeh had been on a fund raising campaign to Iran, Qatar and Sudan in an attempt to fund his government which is controlled by Hamas. Funding of this nature is viewed by Israel as a means to fund the terrorist operation Hamas and not any legitimate government run programs.

Israel kept the PM curbside long enough that eventually Haniyeh had to admit defeat and leave the money in Egypt with aides. It is speculated that the money will now be turned over to the Arab League. The League will probably funnel the money instead to Haniyeh's rival President Mahmoud Abbas leader of the moderate Fatah movement within the country.

As to the picture... it's not every day you see a thug curbed like this, making this pic - priceless.

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