Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Thoughts

I sit here in my warm house while the wind blows hard and cold outside. For my family, Christmas was a quiet one this year. We took in the local holiday lights tour last night and later exchanged presents. We were very fortunate to have the Christmas we did, especially when you consider the many who had a Christmas that they will remember as being anything but peaceful.

As I read the news online, I am left to wonder about what the true meaning of Christmas is for many of us. The US Postal Service had 1500 mail carriers out on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day delivering the backlog of mail accumulated during the blizzard that crippled the Denver area this past week.

This from spokesman Al DeSarro of the USPS
"The bottom line is that it is our busiest time of year and one of the most important times of the year for people. They're expecting Christmas packages," DeSarro said.
The business of the postal service is to deliver the mail regardless of weather conditions according to their own mantra of delivering in rain, sleet, ice and snow. But the telling part of DeSarro's quote was how the people were "expecting Christmas packages". At what cost might I ask? Is it so important to receive that Christmas card or package that it might imperile another person's life by forcing them to work long hours in hazardous conditions?

The news article continues with a plea to customers to show "Mercy for mail carriers"

• Shovel your walk so carriers can reach your mailbox. If drifts are impassable, carriers won't be able to deliver mail by Christmas.

• Help plow, if possible, your street so your carrier can get through.

• Take outgoing mail and packages to the post office, if possible.

• Be patient. Closures of interstate highways and airports significantly delayed packages from around the country. Postal employees are doing their best to deliver all packages by Christmas. But, some delays are likely.

• Thank your mail carrier. Offer carriers a push if their vehicles get stuck. Offer a cup of hot chocolate, a smile, or a word of gratitude.Source: Al Desarro, U.S. Postal Service Communications
Is it just me or is this pitiful? This is a classic example of how self-involved and so not in the spirit of the season many of us are. Time and again during the bad weather (tornado season) we have here local TV station weathermen/women are forced to ask people to not call in complaining that the soap opera or other meaningless broadcast they were watching has been interrupted. Then they have to go on to explain something to the effect for those same selfish individuals that although the storm may not be close to them, there are those in their listening/viewing area that could be killed if they did not break in. God help us all.

God help those poor postal workers who are giving up their Christmas for morons who have to be reminded to be charitable enough not to complain and maybe even thank them for doing it. (OK, I admit some of those postal workers are probably doing it for the overtime/holiday pay, but still this just so wrong that businesses such as the TV stations and postal service have to even address their idiotic customers that way.) But the postal service is not the only ones dealing with idiots it seems. There were those who were delayed while flying due to the storm in Denver who showed just as much self-absorption and disregard for the safety of others (and it would appear themselves as well) as they complained and complained about how Denver International Airport handled the blizzard.

It really is too bad those same fools who booked a flight during blizzard season and expected (no, make that demanded) an uneventful journey couldn't be issued magic carpets instead. It really is too bad that the morons who are upset and complaining that their Christmas package delivery should be slow getting to them couldn't get it from Santa delivery. But then again those same idiots would probably complain that the magic carpet was the wrong color or that the reindeer smelled up their presents.

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