Monday, November 27, 2006

Tis The Season Of Peace And Goodwill

It never fails that something innocently intended can stir controversy and ill will.

The Christmas tree controversy may be usurped this year by a Christmas wreath designed to resemble the peace sign. The Durango Herald Online has a picture of the well-intentioned owners of the wreath which has brought about the wrath of several of their neighbors in the area. Deemed as violating homeowner association rules for the housing division the couple live in, the couple has been placed on a $25/day fine until it comes down. Citing the fact that they never intended it to make a political statement, but rather to emphasis the season of peace and goodwill connected with the Christmas holiday spirit, the couple is standing steadfast as they hold up against the pressure to bring the wreath down.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the wreath itself. Who doesn't want peace and goodwill? That doesn't necessarily mean that because I would like to see peace I won't continue to support our troops and the work they do. I don't look at this as a anti-war political statement while mis-using an icon of Christmas, but rather creating a wreath to represent the couples desire for peace. I have no doubt that our own servicemen and women would rather serve in peace-time than in battle conditions. It only stands to reason that a peace filled world would be the ultimate situation to find ourselves in.

It's pitiful that the homeowners association in which this couple lives feels this way. But it appears from what the Herald is reporting they have rules against displaying the American flag too. I find rules that do not allow a citizen of the US to fly the flag of the country they are bound allegiance to as a citizen, highly offensive. In the spirit of the season I say to this homeowners association - BAH HUMBUG!

But then again, maybe it's just me that thinks that way...

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