Saturday, November 11, 2006

Opportunity Knocks

Advertisers and bloggers alike will soon be reaping the benefits of the power of opinions. Advertisers can have their products and sites reviewed for a nominal fee by bloggers, who will receive (for a little time and effort) a tidy sum to help turn their blogs into a money maker.

The idea and the site promoting this is open for your own personal review at You will be directed to a simple straightforward home page that has a page layout which is easy on the eyes. The site loads rapidly, allowing you to get on quickly with your business of making money.

Whether you are an advertiser wishing to pay for honest published reviews of your products/advertsing sites or you are a blogger wishing to market your opinion for money, the instructions to quickly get a jump on increasing your cash flow are simple to follow. Filling out the appropriate forms is a snap - within a short time your application for either an advertising review or as a blogger/reviewer is processed by the staff at Text Link Ads Incorporated for approval. The time it took me to look over the offer by to become a blogger/reviewer, fill out the appropriate forms for approval and then begin a review was less than 10 minutes. Completed reviews are then submitted for approval and payment processing. How much easier can it get to make money?

This is a new advertising system that will work for any blogger writing today. No ad codes are needed to be incorporated into the blog - only a post with your opinion. (Opinions are the heart of blogging as we all know). For an advertiser, a published review by an established blogger with a following is the easiest way to get your product to the consumer.

A new idea and a great way to make money is just a few keystrokes away at

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