Friday, November 10, 2006

Bipartisan Stew

What a dismal week. Right now I am stewing over it.

Democrats gain control through the voting efforts of the weak-kneed, who don't get it (shame on you all regardless of your party affiliation) - why is it so hard to understand that regardless of who is in power the war with terrorists is not going to go away? Bailing out on Iraq will not "help" us, but will instead leave us wide open to the inevitable overturn of any semblance of democracy in Iraq stirred by the passions of a society that is based on a dictatorship driven by imams. It will lead to a society in power that believes jihad is the way to paradise and one in which women and children are property to be used by their male dominants in the way they see fit - which will be to breed more warriors for the future battles against the infidels.

Once we are out of Iraq, the internal struggle for control will escalate and I have no doubts that the only phoenix that will rise from the ashes we leave behind will be wearing black robes howling revenge against the western world who "defiled" their holy land with their presence. Once we are out, there will be no way to stop the jihad war machine that will be produced by religious zealots. And they will be more than happy to bring the war to us. It wouldn't be anything new for them - given the time and means to implement their military efforts the bombings of embassies, naval ships, and massive buildings of commerce will be just a matter of picking up where they left off prior to US and ally intervention in the Middle East.

I can't understand Bush's concession to sack Rumsfeld for the sake of bipartisanship. I can't imagine Bush walked away from his lunch with Nancy Pelosi with anything but a bad case of indigestion. Sacrificing Rumsfeld all for the sake of the greater good? Considering everything the poor man needs a vacation. He has been the whipping dog of everyone who wanted to blame someone other than those who should be blamed (Islamic extremists). It is so much safer to strike out at someone that can't nuke you or send jihadists to blow you up when you bitch. We got a whole lot of yellow-bellied cowards out there, who are near-sighted idiots that want to hug the world instead of standing up to murderous fanatics. Funny thing is that most of those Democrats were already in place when the vote came down to go to war in the first place - it only shows how they can be manipulated by the whims of even shorter memoried voters who first wanted revenge, then wanted out.

Maybe some good will come of this week. My pick for the next Presidential run has been given plenty of time to campaign for 2008 due to the stupidity of his constituents. If Pennsylvania doesn't want him, that doesn't mean voters in the rest of the 50 states feel the same way. Rick Santorum was defeated in his bid to be re-elected to his position as a Pennsylvania Senator. His defeat is a prime example of the weak-kneed at work. Simple-minded, narrow visioned voters who "wanted a change", "wanted a new direction", was tired of the daily death count of US soldiers (but who isn't?), or was sure that "Bush has created this war" voted Santorum out. Santorum was the one person in the Senate who had a clue and was an outspoken advocate of the need to protect ourselves by continuing the war overseas, instead of having it come home to us. I guess the people in Pennsylvania either don't get it, or have a very bad case of short term memory. They haven't finished the memorial for Flight 93 in Shanksville yet and have already forgotten who was responsible for creating the reason to have a memorial built in the first place. Do Pennsylvanian voters believe that lightning can't strike in the same place twice?

But I can't just blame the people of Pennsylvania. There are a lot of other idiots in the nation who do not understand that war means war and that a cease fire can't be negotiated with a group of people who are determined to rule the world in the name of religion. These idiots are joined by those who want to open our borders, who want more social welfare programs, and by those who want our soldiers out of Iraq to have them saving the world (take Darfur to name just one humanitarian death trap they want our soldiers to go). When we are overrun by illegal aliens, overrun our means to pay for welfare deadbeats, and run out of every nation of the world by the people we are trying to save, maybe these dim wits will see the light.

In the meantime, we can only pray that lightning doesn't strike twice.

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