Friday, September 22, 2006

Fueled By A Plan

Recently Cuba hosted a "summit" meeting for those leaders of the world who wished to attend an anti-US bashing party. Topics included during their discussion of how to take control of the world included: sharing resources to increase military power, how to place sympathetic leaders in control of superpowers, and how to effectively manipulate the media to control the mindset of large numbers of the world population.

They had a good meeting it seems. Immediately after the summit, those attending went into action.

The UN faceoff between the US and Iran was eminent at the time of the summit. The summit leaders pow-wow to come up with a comeback to the inevitable request by the US to sanction Iran was one of the summit leaders main areas to address. How would they effectively be able to neutralize US policies on Iran nuclear technology and dismantle the solidarity of those countries supporting sanctions? Very aware of the world-at-large view of Bush's unrelenting war on terrorism and the successful media campaign these summit leaders have waged to undermine the support for Western intervention in the Middle East, the obvious choice was to turn the subject of attention away from Iran's nuclear technology efforts and to instead promote the mindset that the US is a thug, with a devil for a leader.

As much media attention that Iran's President Ahmadinejad and Venezuela's Chavez has received it appears that their plan has worked well for them.

Bush's UN address was to the people of the world who live under the thumb of oppression with a plea to cast off their leaders in favor of democracy. His address received much less attention by the media, possibly because he didn't wave a copy of the Koran or the Communist Manifesto. He made the mistake of following political protocol, instead of being flamboyant like Chavez who did wave an anti-US book written by US citizen Noam Chomsky and by calling Bush "a devil". Bush lost an opportunity to captivate the media by not bashing Ahmadinejad directly and reminding the world that this guy really believes that the annihilation of Jews during WWII never happened and by calling HIM a crazy power hungry wanna-be warlord who is providing the means for such terrorist groups as Hamas and Hezbollah which creates the ongoing reason why we are in the Middle East. Another lost chance by Bush was not reminding the world that Chavez (who thinks of himself as the next savior of the world poor) is merely a tool of Iran, who can be goaded on through his own vanity to create all kinds of publicity. (Remember all publicity is good - even bad press these days).

Some have likened the address by Ahmadinejad as subdued, more of a "speak softly and carry a big stick" approach. I guess that leaves Chavez's address more of the rabid foaming at the mouth diatribe that a good little pet of Iran should make.

However you cut it the summit leaders had a good plan. They have added fuel to a fire that will burn for a long time to come.

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