Monday, August 14, 2006

Missing Egyptians Captured

The last two missing Egyptian "students" have been captured. It only took our law enforcement agencies a little over two weeks to find them. The last two were captured in Richmond, Va. The other nine were arrested last week in Minnesota, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois and Iowa. During the same period that they were missing a plot to bomb 10 airliners has been stopped in England and the US has leveled charges on three individuals of purchasing throw-away cell phones with the intent to turn them into devices in which to blow up bridges here. The Egyptian students were "never a threat" according to authorities, yet the initial reports released in the national bulletin to law enforcement was that they were to be "approached with caution".

Although it is a relief to know that the Egyptians have been "captured", it still remains a source of irritation (that's putting it mildly) to me that we have student visa programs in place that would allow access to our country that can be so easily abused. Of the original group one student was denied a visa, six showed up in Montana for the month-long program at Montana State University in Bozeman on time, and the remainder of the group has cavorted around our country unaccounted for over two weeks.

Obviously, the group that was captured "site-seeing", had no intention of attending classes in Bozeman. As far as I am concerned, the claims that our government made that the missing were never a terrorism threat is b.s. That the group was able to manipulate our system to gain access to our country for anything other than the intended purpose proves how large of gaps we have in our security programs. It may be that they were never terrorist threats, but the programs that allowed them access to the US surely are.

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