Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dazzle Me Don't Frazzle Me

It's hard to wake up everyday and try to figure out what in the world is going on. Most people are just trying to get by (or get ahead) and have little time to worry or sort out world events. But the people we are paying to worry about us are not helping one bit...

Rumsfeld is under fire by Democrats for his alluding to those that don't support the war on terrorism haven't learned from history and those that favored appeasement of Germany prior to WWII helped empower them to move the world into global war, rather than avoiding being drawn into it. I take it that he never directly accused the Democrats of being those slow learners and didn't say it was the Democrats who favored coddling Hitler, yet some Democratic leaders have taken his analogy personally.

Rumsfeld strikes me as a person that says exactly what is on his mind. If he had intended to denounce Democratic leadership, he would have said it. In his address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (people who've had personal experience with world events and are voting Democrats, Republicans and Independents) he made a blanket statement about apathy. It was a broad enough statement that encompassed all citizens of the world (if one gives it any thought at all) regardless of their nationality, race, creed, or voting persuasion (that is - if they have the right to vote). His aim and direction, although a blanket statement, appeared to have made direct hits on Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Jack Murtha to name a few Democrats who have decided to take it personally.

Mid-term elections are looming and depending on how voters feel heads could role. As a voter, I am a feeling person. Here is what I feel - Democrats have done nothing to unite this country since 9-11. Democrats do not have a plan to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan - if they had one (regardless of political persuasion) they would have brought it to the table to save the lives of US soldiers. Democrats do not have a plan to deal with Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, or the situation in Southern Africa. They do not have a plan to ease our oil dependency. They do not have a plan to unite intelligence agencies to protect us from terrorism here on our own soil. They don't have a plan of action in the case of a national disaster, although in all of these cases they've got a lot of criticism when it comes to what policies we do have in place.

The Democrats have given us nothing except allude to the fact that they "have a plan". I may not agree with (or like) all the policies coming from our Republican government, but given the vague partisan bleating by the Democrats that their "plan" will be better, I'll stick with what we've got. Give me something tangible, workable, and solid - not a lot of hot air.

Give me something other than theatrics too. Democratic Senator Obama's stunt in Kenya with his AIDS/HIV test is a prime example of playing to a crowd. But it was a limited audience he was playing to. Outside of Kenyans, AIDS/HIV activists, the Black vote, and Hollywood who really could get excited about his pilgrimage home? It was something more than the traditional shaking hands and kissing babies that most politicians do, but other than spending tax-payer dollars to make the trip and becoming the story of the day in the news world what tangible effect did this have for Americans and the larger picture? I really am disappointed with Obama that he played this way, (I had a hope that he might be the Democratic answer) but he's painting in the box and boxing himself in doing so.

Democratic leaders give us, the voters, "the plan". Now. Before election time roles around. Don't give us partisan talk bent on dividing the country. Do what you are being paid to do - work towards making our country better. Shut up already with the promises and give us something solid. Let us, the voters, pressure your Republican counterparts to capitulate. I would be the first one on the phone demanding it. Dazzle me with your plan, instead of frazzling me with your promises.

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