Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blog Soldiers Has A New Owner!

I am proud to announce that a long time acquaintence of mine (and blogging buddy) has become the new owner of Blog Soldiers. Meet John C. A. Bambenek, the blogger behind Part-Time Pundit, whose company Pentex Net Inc. will be providing the saavy and security to the competitive edge he will bring to Blog Soldiers.

Need traffic for your blog? Blog Soldiers can get more readers to you than Blog Explosion. My personal experience with both is that Blog Soldiers surfers READ in addition to surfing for credits, while Blog Explosion surfers - surf. A whopping 83% of the time spent on my site by readers has been done by Blog Soldiers surfers. My advertising dollars spent has been done equally between both traffic servers. No favorites played. (Hmm, well until now...)

It just got better at Blog Soldiers. Look what new (and old) members receive now with the new launch:
1) 50 referral credits for all new members you refer.
2) 50 bonus credits on surfing 50 sites for new members who join.
3) Surfing Contest for the month of August, the Top 10 surfers will receive up to 500 credits for having the most pages surfed between Aug 15 and Aug 31. Top surfer gets 500, 2nd gets 250, 3rd 150, 4th and 5th get 100, 6th-10th get 50.
4) Membership contest. In ADDITION to the referral bonus, the member with the most sites referred will get 500 credits with the same bonus structure as above.
5) REDUCED PURCHASE PRICE FOR CREDITS! I have reduced the price on purchasing credits for THIS MONTH ONLY! It is now $8 - 1200, $14 - 2500, and $24 - 5000.
6) If you post on your blog about the purchase and relaunch of blogsoldiers, you get 50 credits IN ADDITION to any referral credits that post generates. (Please open a support ticket, send me the permalink and your username).

Congratulations to John and his team. I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of his clients in the future.

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