Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Uniting The Faithful

Regardless of borders, the outcome of the crisis in the Middle East will be based on personal religious beliefs and the choices one must make to act in accordance with those beliefs.

At the core of the conflict...

Sunni against Shiite, Arab nations are being divided by religious belief not political doctrine as to the on-going Israeli/Islamist war in the Middle East. Sunni believers (those who believe in the first four caliphs--Mohammed's successors, who rightfully took his place as the leaders of Muslims) comprise nearly 85% of the worlds Muslim based religion. Shiite believers ( believe that only the heirs of the fourth caliph, Ali, are the legitimate successors of Mohammed) make up only 15% of the worlds Islamist faithful. While Sunni Muslims are scattered across the world, the Shiite faithful are primarily based (approximately 75%) in the countries of Saudia Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

Conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India rage between the two religious branches. Bin Laden is a Sunni. Bin Laden has used his religious beliefs in an attempt to spur on the war against the western world and those (the Shiite's) he saw as western supporters. At the point where Bin Laden could have united the faithful, he has instead divided them by religious beliefs - choosing to imperically look at all Shiite's as having adopted what he believes is a bastardized western ideology. When the coalition entered Iraq, the Shiite's saw this as an opportunity to align themselves with power and become the driving force within the newly established government. Bin Laden called upon the Sunni's to stop the Shiite's, stop the westernization of the country, and continue to bring control of the region back to the "true faithful", the Sunni's. Hence, we see the slaughter between Sunni and Shiite in these countries. We see terrorists, who are Sunni believers, from foreign countries imported into Iraq to continue the push to stop Shiite control and western bastardization of the country. Here lies the core of the spiraling conflict in the Middle East. Bin Laden did not have the foresight to see how this would turn on him and pit Muslim against Muslim on a worldwide field.

Iran is Shiite based. 93.4% of the population of Iran are Shiite's. It has been rumored forever that Bin Laden is in Iran in hiding. Based on the push by Bin Laden and his followers to attack Shiite's to punish them for aligning with the western world, this rumor is just that - a rumor, with no base in fact. Bin Laden is no friend of Iran, what he has become to them instead is a means to further the strength of the Shiite's in the world as he could never have imagined.

The tools and fools of war...

What Bin Laden miscalculated was the Iranian ability to take his war and make it their own. He became the tool by which they were able to manuever behind the scenes and manipulate his conflict into their own war with the west. They are striving to unite Shiite and Sunni as he never could, by using the Israeli's. Iran is going after the US (and the western world) by going after the token western state in the heart of the Middle East. The pet project of western civilization. Israel.

By using Syria as the frontmen to support Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran is projecting it's plan for dominence and control. Knowing full well the inability of the US to control faction fighting (Shiite against Sunni) in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is setting up the region to turn the tables upon the west with a united front. This will be achieved by creating an atmosphere of sympathy towards the cause of a united Muslim world against the US backed Israeli's. Instigating the plan, was achieved by goading Hamas and Hezbollah into attacking Israel. Both are small fish to fry in a larger plan. Token fools to be wasted in a grander scheme for dominence by the Shiite Iranians. Both are small groups of people with the short-sightedness to not see how they have been manipulated as puppets and tools in a larger playing field. They are the bait, by which Iran is patiently waiting to catch a bigger fish, a united Muslim front against the western world. The minute the situation escalates to the point that the western world through the UN sends in forces to support Israel is the minute Iran hopes to achieve it's goal. Their hope is that Muslims will no longer fight each other, but will instead unite to fight the west. If this is achieved by Muslim fighting Muslim (Sunni against Shiite) in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan in their opposition or support of the war with Israel, so be it. The weakening of these governments will in the long run create the environment to strengthen the united Muslim front. They believe that from chaos the Shiites will unite and conquer.

The extremist Shiite's in Iran have long been manipulating the rules. They are an enemy who has learned how to threaten and bully and intimidate to get what they want or to buy loyalty on a wide scale. They are very smart and should not be underestimated in their ability to plot and achieve their goals. For Iran, Bin Laden became a tool when he initiated the regional devastation of the Middle East. He brought the western world fight to the region, but if Iran succeeds they will bury the west in a way that Bin Laden never dreamed of. With the Shiite's in control.

The question remains what the Muslims of the world will do. Bin Laden believes that the Shiite based faithful are not the true believers. Where is Bin Laden now? Where is his call to support the war against the west by supporting Hamas and Hezbollah? How it must gall him to see how the Shiite's may emerge as the leaders of the Islamic movement for dominence, something he strived for as a Sunni but has never been able to achieve. The majority of the Sunni's in the world live in those very westernized countries that Bin Laden believes despoiled the faithful when the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist and the caliphs no longer ruled. Will the majority Sunni follow the minority Shiite lead in a full-scale war of religion? Is Iran capable of clouding the eyes, the hearts and minds of Sunni's with the promise of an Islamic world domination to achieve their goals of a Shiite run world? Is Iran capable of creating an illusion to the Muslims of the world that the war with Israel was a war started by the west against the whole Islamic population, rather than what it really is - the manipulation of the Shiite regime in Iran to gain world dominance?

What lesson may be learned here? Possibly, that religion will never create a united front - even if it is in the name of Allah.

At the very least that is what the infidels of the world must pray for.

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