Sunday, July 02, 2006

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave

An open letter to those brave service men and women who are dedicated to keeping it that way:
First off, saying thank you never seems like it is enough. Especially, when saying thank you doesn't give you any idea how much what you do really means to me (and trust me - I am not alone in those sentiments). I am just one middle-aged mother. I haven't had the life experiences you have had. I don't "understand" because of that. It doesn't mean I care any less or underestimate the work that you do.

I know military families just like yours. I see what they do to support what you do. I pray for not only you, but them too. It takes special people to step up to the plate like you all have done. It takes the love of a family to support what you do. It takes a special love for your country to serve.

So I guess what I am trying to say is don't be surprised when someone like me walks up to you and says thanks and then either gives you a hug or a pat on the arm with tears in their eyes. It's not like we can really do anything more, except let you know we care. We can't change the media, we can't undo political policy, we can't win the hearts of a people that lost their hearts to savagery eons ago.

What we can do is love you and let you know we support you. And we do.

God bless you all.
Please celebrate with me this 4th of July, by remembering our service men and women. Freedom isn't free, it has been won through bravery such as theirs.

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