Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqawi - Last Thoughts

He was someone's son and brother to nine siblings. He was also the deadly and dark force behind the deaths and mutilations of thousands of innocent people.

Depending upon who you are and what you believe, you will relish the sight of a dead Zarqawi in different ways. His family and those who followed him threw a wedding party for him (they think he finally got those 72 virgins he was after).

For the rest of us, the body that his family is demanding be returned to them for a "proper Muslim burial" befitting someone who followed Allah's teaching to kill the Infidel by any means available, provides a challenge. Some very creative ideas are being bandied about on the web by bloggers as to what to do exactly with his body.

How exactly the body will be disposed of at this time remains an unknown. US forces may have taken him out, but this is one for the Iraqis to decide. Based on the ability of Iraqis to agree on anything, his final disposition may be a long time in coming.

But of course, eternity is forever, so really there is no rush at all to make a decision.

Speaking of last thoughts...

It is now known that Zarqawi didn't die immediately. It is now known that he was conscious enough to be carrying on a conversation that only he (and Allah?) could understand. Yesterday, one conversation on a syndicated radio talk show revolved around what Jesus would do with Zarqawi. Kind of a mute point, I think, because it is obvious what Jesus DID DO with Zarqawi - Jesus let him make his bed and then had a final intimate short conversation with him just before his final send off. It probably went something like this...

(As Zarqawi turned on his stretcher... and died...)

Jesus (standing in front of a sign that says "Infidels Only") - "Why do you turn away from me? Who were you expecting?"
Zarqawi - "Allah. Where is he?"
Jesus - "No one here, by that name."
Zarqawi - "I don't understand..."
Jesus - "No problem. Muhammad has an eternity to explain it to you."

Told you, it was a short conversation.

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