Friday, June 23, 2006

Shared Fate - Two Destiny's Unfold

(A tribute to two of our finest Soldiers lost June, 2006 - Pfc. Kristian Menchaca and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker - God Bless them and their families.)

As young boys grow, how could they know,
of a life unfair, of the destiny they would share?
It was waiting to happen one day,
a world away.

The boys, now men, would meet on the same dusty street,
to serve their date, with fate.
It would happen that day,
a world away.

Serving was right, they were there for a fight,
they were an ambush away from foul play.
On that one dark day,
a world away.

Taken together, locked forever,
in the destiny they now shared.
It was a black day,
a world away.

Brave hearts beat as one, through the torture they endure,
separate, yet bonded by capture.
It happened that evil day,
a world away.

Their fate, they did meet, their hearts ceased to beat,
they would be martyrs forever more, warriors in death, who defeated their foe.
And on that day the angels sang,
a world away.

Honor these men,
and hold dear to your own, for now it's not known,
what fate your children will share, or if it will be fair.
Remember for them, destiny is waiting to happen one day,
(what seems like now...)
a world away.

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