Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reach Out And Touch Someone...

(This old jingle to promote telecommunications has once more taken on new meaning...)

What is the difference between a satisfied phone user and a dissatisfied one?

2-500 pound bombs.

CNN is reporting that the monitoring of cell phones brought about the end of Zarqawi. For someone who had the mental ability to control so many agents in the field and have them do his bidding, isn't it amazing that he would use a cell phone or have one near him knowing the technology that exists to monitor them?

In the news article an autopsy on Zarqawi is mentioned, but nothing definitive as to whether one will be done has been reported. They should do one. He probably had a tumor from cell phone use which impaired his thinking. Maybe he thought he had a special link on Allah-net that was shielded from Infidel detection.

(Reaching out and touching someone can also get you a one-way ticket to death row...)

South Carolina and Oklahoma have legislation now that would make repeat sex crimes against children an executable punishment. Debate over the constitutionality of the laws in this matter continues. It would appear that some believe that the punishment does not fit the crime. I wonder how many adult victims of molestation and child rape would agree with that thought? I have never heard a testimonial from a victim yet, that says their childhood was not ended by the abuser. Ended, death of childhood... Seems to me there is a significant correlation in the death of innocence and death of those who take it. In the case of severe emotional and physical abuse, should not the death penalty apply? What deterrant is there then for a serial abuser who gets his jollies from knowing that he has left his mark on a child forever? How many children could have been saved from a predator if this had been enacted years ago?

Detractors of the legislation, say it will just increase the likelihood of children being killed by their attackers or that in family situations the predator will be protected and the attack go unreported. It seems to me that the people thinking this have forgotten one thing... In many cases the child is threatened not to tell, because "something bad will happen" to Mommy or other members of the family. Is not the insinuation made in these cases a death threat? The death penalty is then justifiable.

Five states so far have enacted legislation to make repeat sexual crimes against children punishable by death. It is time that the other 45 states get with the program and an amendment be made to the Constitution to protect the innocents amongst us.

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