Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Taking A Break

For the last year, I have plugged along with this site posting as often as I could. It seems that it is getting harder to find the time or ambition to continue on at the same pace I was keeping early on in my blogging days. A change in work status has created a situation where I am having to budget my time off to have quality time with those I love. Blogging is a hobby, it's not my life. So as time and the need to vocalize my thoughts on subjects that either delight or dismay me allows I'll write. To all of you that have been so very good to stop by - thanks. Keep an eye out for my new postings through Linkfests - and take very good care of yourself until we "talk" again.

Some personal fodder before I go... My daughter's visit was super. She is thinking about moving home or close to home within the next year. So I may have all my kids home again, which really would not be a bad thing at all... My job is going great. I have recently finished a course that will help me with my work in ICU. It was the most I have studied in 10 years, but well worth it. I also recently got a $4 an hour raise, which was greatly appreciated and came completely as a surprise. I knew I was underpaid, but love my work and have hung in there through financial hardships because I knew I couldn't do what I was doing anywhere else - which is taking care of the very sickest of the sick in a long-term acute care unit. Now I can love my job AND my income too, LOL. All in all, a great boon for me.

That's it for now - keep me and all the other nurses you know in your prayers.

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